JACINTA TOBIN is an Indigenous singer/songwriter from the Darug Tribe,who believes music is a wonderful form of education and life. In 2001 she released her first debut CD 'Yarramundi and the Four Leaf Clover' which is a musical story of the Darug People. Jacinta was born believing she was an Australian/Irish with Spanish descent, but At 17 Jacinta learned the truth, that she was a descendant of the Darug people.

In early childhood, Jacinta lived in areas such as Ballarat which is her place of birth in the year 1969. Jacinta's family then moved to Nullumby and Darwin in the Northern Territory. Due to Cyclone Tracy in 1974, Jacinta moved to her Mother's home, the Darug land where her family still resides. In Jacinta's life she has been a bartender, fishingwoman, manager and then was encouraged to get a formal education.


Jacinta began her studies and community work in 1997 with a Master of Applied Science in Social Ecology. Since then she has worked with schools, universities, community and government using her music and her community work background to educate all on Darug language, songs and local Darug culture.